Learning from the Bible

This verses from Deuteronomy 11:18–19 are very important to me. The key is to teach our children that dialogue with God is so important. For me, leadership and prayer go hand and hand as it is important to have guidance and be directed through prayer. Prayer is the scaffolding upon which leadership and integrity are built. Children need to be taught this. We need to remember that we are role models.
Learning from the Bible gave me a positive attitude about life.&nbsp. I was inspired by one woman who was my role model and persuaded me to learn more about Gods word. She taught me to take the hardest things in life, discover them, and understand the difference between good and bad. For example, when I had to solve a problem, she instructed me to identify and focus on details without any negative awareness. Furthermore, I enjoyed solving problems and realized the good side of them instead of the bad. Then with a positive point of view, I decided to be just like her and to follow God.