Letter Of Recomendation From Employer For Law School

of Person to be addressed to] [Position of Person Addressed to] [Establishment the Person Addressed to is connected with] Dear Sir or Madam,
At the request of Mr. [Your Complete Name], I am pleased to write this letter of recommendation in support of his application of admission to post-graduate study in your university. I am a supervisor in Procon Developers &amp. Engineers for over 10 years. As a supervisor, I have worked closely with Mr. [Your Complete Name], and have a good understanding of his academic, as well as his professional abilities.
Mr. [Your Complete Name] exhibits good verbal skills, resourcefulness, as well as good management skills. He has been working with Procon Developers &amp. Engineers for [Length of time You have worked for the company] and has increased his skills in the different aspects of his working abilities. Up until recently, Mr. [Your Complete Name]’s job responsibilities include attending legal meetings with lawyers, and also interpreting legal documents. These job responsibilities have familiarized Mr. [Your Complete Name] the processes and technicalities of handling the law. He is noted to have good personal skills, especially when negotiating with the people around him, and he is also observed to be fond of reading, making him someone who can handle the bulk readings while studying law. Mr. [Your Complete Name]’s presentation skills, as well as verbal skills has noticeably increased as compared to his first year with the company. As part of his job description, he is in charge of budgeting and time management, and the dealing of daily operational situations. His skills in time management is remarkable, with obvious display of the balance of his personal and work life shows his organized nature in terms of doing things. His responsibility in the dealing of the daily operational situations has further improved his skills in dealing with people, thus making him very much comfortable and confident in the handling of people and circumstances that arise. His skills in business are thus, highlighted as his responsibility in the budget management of the company proves to be something that he could do well. With the responsibilities mentioned above, he can be fully relied on, and can work with minimal supervision. Noting too that Procon Developers &amp. Engineers work with overseas supplier companies, Mr. [Your Complete Name] is accustomed to general international business laws.
Mr. [Your Complete Name] is very enthusiastic and optimistic with whatever tasks he has decided to undergo, that it might, however, affect him too much once he gets disappointed with outcomes that doesn’t fit into his favor. Moreover, his optimism and enthusiasm has brought him to greater heights, and has caused him to move forward in his position as a professional. His complete dedication and perseverance in completing any task he has started shows in him a mature individual, with undeniable professionalism.
Hence, Mr. [Your complete Name]’s work experience with Procon Developers &amp. Engineers has made him very much familiar with the realm of law, and his perseverance and dedication to it makes him one of the most efficient employees of our establishment. He is basically an intelligent, resourceful, and organized individual with good time management skills, and a good knowledge of law.
Very truly,
[Signature of your boss]
[Name of your boss/supervisor]