Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor I would like to thank the residents and in fact the entire local community for making the grand opening of "The Dinner" a great success. It’s a great pleasure, not just for me, but for the entire family to mark our contribution and commitment towards the community, 14 years passed in a blink of an eye, and after all these years when I look back I see a wonderful time. Every face is a memory, and reminds me of all the good and the bad times we have all spent together. Looking back, I realize how times have changed and how fast our lives have become living in this cosmopolitan city. Staying in touch with our loved ones is getting harder every day, and our hectic work routines has bitten us at the time when we see our kids growing up. The wonderful community life which we as the residents shared seems to have deserted us.
Rob (my husband) and I thought that there wouldn’t be a better idea, but to launch our very own family oriented restaurant which would have a seating capacity for 150 individuals. The restaurant would also handle private as well as business events. This family restaurant will not just offer good quality food but also a good conducive environment for both family and business events. This restaurant is my way of connecting and sharing with the community members, the joy and honor of being the part of this community.
We are offering a wide range of cuisines, beverages, desserts, appetizers and salads. Mother of three adorable daughters myself. hygiene cannot be stressed enough in my restaurant, considering how much I value a healthy family.
"The Dinner" has a lot more to offer than just delicious food to its customers. We would soon be launching our free delivery service, bringing our full lunch or dinner menus right to the door. A spacious play area for kids will also encourage parents to bring their kids along for family gatherings. A commodious parking area so that our customers don’t have to face any parking issues, which I reckon is an aspect usually overlooked by the restaurant owners.
We provide the best in comfort, quality dining. We have been very particular in hiring a highly friendly staff, focusing on professional service for our valued customers.
Our dishes are rich in flavor, utilizing fresh, seasonal ingredients. Serving a menu for every mood, we offer Dinner every night, Saturday &amp. Sunday Brunches, and Weekday Lunch. Reservations are accepted for Dinner only. Brunch &amp. Lunch are "open seating" &amp. no reservations are accepted.
I have always combined passion and hard work which is a kind of a recipe that has always lead me to success. Likewise, I strongly believe that my recipe of a new family restaurant will prove to be a great success among the local people.
Once again I would like to thank the local television channels and the newspapers for covering the opening ceremony of our new family restaurant. I hope that this new restaurant will prove to be a whole lot different dining experience for all the food lovers.
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