Life Minus Vitamin A

One of the 5 senses that a person has is the sense of sight. A person’s eyes are used for this sense. There are so many beautiful things present in this world that can be appreciated through the eyes. It can also be used to observe the things which are either intentionally or unintentionally disregarded by others. Sight is very vital in the recognition process. There is a proverb by Cicero (Speake amp. Simpson, 2008) which stated, the face is a picture of the mind as the eyes are its interpreter (p. 106). With such importance and respect given to the eyes, it should be taken care of and not abused. The eye is the organ that distinguishes light. This light is then transformed into an electrochemical impulse in neurons. For every human, the eye is the reason why a person can appreciate beauty and life. It makes a man capable of seeing not just the people around them but also does labors where they will earn for their families. A person’s daily function will surely be affected if the eyes are not properly functioning (Land amp. Fernald, 1992). Vitamin A is a nutrient that is needed by the retina of the eyes to retain its health and sustain its function. Another name for this vitamin is retinol. According to the World Health Organization (WHO) and the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) (2004): Vitamin A (retinol) is an essential nutrient needed in small amounts by humans for the normal functioning of the visual system. growth and development. and maintenance of epithelial cellular integrity, immune function, and reproduction.