Lifeline Services’ Proven Capability to Offer Immediate Solutions to Mental Health Problems

The significance of lifeline services has increased immensely as the modern man’s life has become more complex, more problems centered, tensed and emotionally turbulent. In this respect, the Tele counseling services of lifeline 13 11 14 in Australia deserve primary importance as the Australian lifeline answers around 450,000 calls per year from people needing emotional support from almost all parts of the nation. For over 45 years Lifeline has provided Australians with access telephone counseling services for mental health support. Counseling involves a partnership between a client and a mental health professional “such as a psychologist who is licensed and trained to help people understand their feelings, and assist them with changing their behavior”.

All lifeline staff is trained to deal with Lifeline callers. The customer-friendly policies of the Lifeline in Australia make it unique and approachable to all sects of people: the services of the lifeline are open to all and it offers counseling service that ‘respects everyone’s right to be heard, understood and cared for”. The lifeline offers services on many sensitive issues such as family and relationship issues, mental health concerns, suicide prevention and support, abuse and violence, loneliness and life direction, taking into account the fact that the needs of the people can vary “genders and age groups and between rural and metropolitan areas”.

The major aim of the lifeline telephone counselors is to provide emotional support to the needy customers in order to enable them to face the challenges of life rather than running away from them. This report analyses the Anonymity policy of the Lifeline in Australia and no doubt it is the anonymity policy of the organization that attracts callers from every nook and corner of the nation to the services provided by the organization. The Anonymity policy of the organization primarily aims at protecting the caller’s privacy and confidentiality which is fundamental to the way Lifeline cares for people.