Lilly and Company Marketing Plan

A drug named Zyprexa, which is the product name of Olanzapine is antipsychotic and helps in treating in acute bipolar mania.2 It is used to treat mental disorders like dementia in young and middle-aged persons.
The terms of reference in the marketing of antipsychotic drug Olanzapine are psychotic disorders, alcohol mania, tobacco edicts, and other bipolar mania. The different mania that the drug can treat and the specialists in treating those disorders can be mentioned. The company should refer the drug to the specialists and experts in treating these disorders. Their references can help in the marketing plan of the drug. First, the experts and distributors must be made familiar with the product name of the drug.
The marketing plan constitutes the reference of the drug to the Drug certifying authority in the UK and taking their no objections certificate. After that, the experts in the field of mental disorders can be consulted and they must be informed about the launching of the drug in the UK. After that, the company should arrange a meeting of the distributors in its network to inform about the cost of the drug and the percentage of the profit for the distributors and wholesalers. The publicity campaign also can be discussed with them and necessary changes can be done if they want any. As this is not the drug, which a common man can use the publicity will only expert oriented.
The business mission of Lilly pharmaceutic…
The company wants to ensure good mental health to the citizens of the UK by offering the drug at a reasonable price. The strategy is to take the efficiency of the drug to the specialist doctors and psychologists in the UK and make them understand the efficacy of the drug in treating the mental disorders and bipolar mania.
4. External Marketing Audit
The drug-containing Olanzapine is a drug that must be prescribed by specialists. A common man cannot prescribe its dose and course on his own. The advertisement and publicity regarding it must be addressed to Wholesalers, distributors, specialist doctors, and psychologists. 1
The amount of money to be spent by the company can be concentrated on the websites regarding mental and psychological disorders. The company can post advertisement on those websites.
The magazines regarding mental and psychological disorders and Television programs about these disorders can be targeted for posing advertisements.
The budget for making of posters, broachers, articles that can be given as presents for the promotion of the drug must be calculated and incorporated in the marketing plan of the drug.
While conducting the external market audit, not only the advertisement budget but also the macro environment, competition and the potential in the market must be estimated. For this purpose, the following details can help in estimating the budge regarding the above three issues.
The environment in the UK that consists of specialist doctors for mental disorders and psychologists who treat bipolar mania must be recognized.
After that operation, the drugs of the competitors must be taken into account and the means of publicity of them must be considered to overcome their strategies.