Literature Analysis of novel The Great Gatsby

This essay discusses that for all the wrongs that Gatsby had done in the story, there was no indication of how the laws of legal justice could make him face punishment. This is perhaps because he was very powerful and could influence the legal system. But there was one character that the writer introduces, who would give out the punishment to Gatsby on the basis of natural justice. This character was George B. Wilson. George B. Wilson believed that Gatsby had knocked his wife and killed her and so shot Gatsby dead and later shot himself. This was a sad end for Gatsby but the essential picture that the writer was trying to paint was that if you play with monkeys, you may be regarded as one. Indeed, there is nothing hidden that will not be revealed. This could be rendered as a central focus of what the individual characters played in the story. This is because, in one way or the other, one character made the most secretive aspects of other characters become known. Consequently, each person who deserved some kind of reward or punishment would have it, after the secrets were made known. It is therefore important to reiterate the thesis that even though mankind is gifted by nature with every kind of power that makes it possible to achieve one’s ego, the processes, and approach by which we achieve our egos would be accounted for. To them who do evil, evil will pursue them till it lays its hands on them. But to them who do right, their righteousness would become a shining star to lead them in the rest of their lives.