Literature reveiw for my dissertation (how relationship marketing can boost company images in the car industry with specific emphasis on the issue of trust )

The findings of this research will provide insight of the car industry that started as early as 1769. At that time having a car was something that was left for the rich thus the marketing strategies were not taken very seriously by those who were producing cars. This is because the industry was not ventured into by so many people thus competition was very low. The automobile industry started with steam cars, coal gas cars to recently where cars are using unleaded fuel. The car industry has continued to expand as very many companies have ventured in this business to meet the demand of cars world wide. Today, cars are not considered as a luxury but as a necessity. For this reason, car industries have seen the need of employing marketing strategies to ensure that their cars sell. In trying to attract customers, car industries keep coming up with new models of cars every time. There has been a consideration of all kinds of people in coming up with better and easy to handle cars. For instance, the automatic cars are made for the disabled people. Moreover, they can be used by any one who does not know how to drive because they are easy to understand and handle. Car industries have seen the importance of having strategic marketing plans thus the knowledge of what is going around in this industry. That is, what are the needs of their customers and what are their competitors doing to win very many clients. With such knowledge, this industry has seen the need of carrying out the SWOT analysis that helps the different car firms to know how they are going to differentiate their products and services from their competitors. This enables them to find out ways in which they are going to build customer trust as they carry out research, analyses it and then come up with new and better strategies of keeping their customers. Such research focuses mostly on what the customer needs and not the company (Ledgerwood, 2006, pp. 95-100).
It is the quality of the car that matters and not the quantity and how cheap it is. Car industries are now bound to making cars that can last longer and are safe. Customers need to be assured that their vehicles will not breakdown after ten days of buying them. Once a customer buys a vehicle, they always want to know how long it can last on the road. Trust will be built if the car industry tells the truth. Customers become very disappointed when they are assured that a car will last for five to eight years then it only serves them for two years. If such a thing happens, then that brand is surely going to lose market (Ennew, 2006, pp. 94-100). Safety is another issue. customers need to be assured that the vehicles they are buying have the best safety products like safety belts and air bags. With the number of car accidents increasing world wide, safety has become a first priority when purchasing cars.