Literature review on one topic in instruction

Literature review contributes lot in providing a clear picture about present scenario of the topic. This literature review focuses on different aspects of stakeholder theory. Different researchers have analysed these things in details. On the basis of different research methods authors have given their views on this particular topic. They have analysed stakeholders and their theories by implementing different research method. Literature review focuses on the results and finding of these research methods. The purpose of a literature review is to highlight theories of stakeholder, different issues associated with this theory and possible future development of stakeholder theories. Literature review helps to determine the background of the topic on which discussion is made. Different author suggested various opinions regarding theories which contribute a lot in development of stakeholders. This review focuses on the long term success of stakeholders by implementing different theories. On the basis of theoretical framework authors also recommend different things for stakeholders.
According to the authors Reinhard Steurer, Astrid Konrad, Markus E. Langer and André Martinuzzi relation management of stakeholders help to develop the ways which satisfy the aspirations and needs of current generations without making any adjustments of abilities of future generations. For managing different stakeholders and their relationship with the organization Stakeholder theory is established. The author states that this theory is implemented for managing business ethics and organization. Sustainable development of the company depends on stakeholder. This theory helps to focus on these issues. The theory of stakeholder was established by R.Edward Freeman. He had provided an outline of satisfying the needs of stakeholders by managing the business. This theory highlight internal and external environment of the organization and its relation