Local Initiative Action Plan is Health Promotion

Poor sanitation and hygiene increase morbidity and mortality rates by spreading different types of diseases. Children are highly affected by these diseases. Low awareness level is one of the main reasons for developing these problems. The target group of this program will be poor and uneducated people. The sense of sanitation and hygiene is very low among them. They don’t have proper knowledge regarding different problems arising in society for these issues. Different NGOs and governments are playing a vital role in conducting and developing such programs for the benefit of society and the country. If a locality is kept clean then people will get motivated to follow good hygiene habits and maintaining a proper sanitation system. Local parties and local government also contributes a lot in this process. Hygiene and sanitation program also includes building and maintaining clean road and disposal of garbage in proper places. This program teaches people to improve and implement safe hygiene processes and water quality. Teaching proper handwashing habits prevents people from getting affected by critical diseases. Recent researches and studies show that regular handwashing with soap reduces the possibility of diarrheal. For implementing this program of developing heath promotional initiatives different trainers are involved who provided different types of educational training to the people. The trainers assess the needs of local people and find outs of different hygienic and sanitation problems affecting that area. The trainers and social workers will teach all poor and uneducated people in that society. It will help those people to develop different essential changes in their behavior. This program helps the local people to adapt to different changing situations. Different levels of training are implemented in this program which educates the local people to incorporate essential steps. The process of learning and implementing this change is a difficult process. Educating those people and making them understand the necessity of those habits sometimes become very challenging for trainers. All the development activities and results are recorded in detail by the group who are promoting that local health program.