Low Job Satisfaction at Disney

Disney World Travel Agencies is a subsidiary company of the greater World Disney Company. Their ever-crowded jam park in its many Disney lands is a reflection of their customer satisfaction. This company allows visitors to book their vacations in their parks online through their heavily trafficked website. In addition, all these Disney parks have call centers where customers can call within their inquiries, whether for Disney Land, Walt Disney World, Disneyland Paris or Disney land Hong Kong (Gittin, 2010).

If the crowded Walt Disney Parks is anything to go by, one would expect that the job satisfaction for the employees in this company is high. As much as this company is greatly accredited to great customer satisfaction, it continues to habitually leave employees wages low and stall promotions. (Watt, 2013). Being a multinational company, the company is not treating the employees as it should be. The rate of employee turnover in this company is very high, which directly translates to low job satisfaction. There is tons of ambition, desire, and magic from each cast member only to be put down by management when someone has an idea (non-solicited ideas are not allowed by cast members).&nbsp.&nbsp.

Job satisfaction refers to how content an employee is with his or her job. It can be taken to be that aspect where one analyses the number of people who would say, “I love my job’. (Cranny et al, 1992).Job satisfaction can be in the form of affective job satisfaction or cognitive job satisfaction. These two concepts are very different from each other yet they are closely related as they both deal with an employee’s relationship with his or her work. Affective job satisfaction refers to the emotions that one has towards&nbsp.their job. Are they happy and content? How much pleasure do they derive from their daily activities?&nbsp.