Major Challenges Facing Toronto

The challenges come in place in terms of, housing, transport system, wage disparity, environmental issues, health, security and many other factors (Toronto Community Foundation 7). With increased urbanization in the world over and particularly in Canada, Ontario has been left to grapple with these challenges.
Toronto happens to be one of the biggest cities in the world yet it has a significant challenge in the transport system. The city has poor viaducts with poor connections to other urban centers. This has unquestionably made the transport costs of the city remain high. As the population of the city keeps on rising, it is apparent that the roads are far much strained. The streets of Toronto are not well maintained leaving many to puke while visiting or moving from one place to the other. This is not so in comparison to other cities such as Canberra of Australia. The reduced number of subways in the city has resulted in unnecessary traffic jams during rush hours. The city council of Toronto needs to develop policies that would help decongest the city. This can be done by encouraging the use of public transport to private transport (Toronto Community Foundation 114).
However, this is only possible if the road network is improved top facilitate accessibility to the estates. Ten years ago, Toronto adopted the Bike Plan. This plan was to help reduce congestion on the roads by taking biking as an alternative. This would have seen increased construction of biking lanes by 540. However, this was not implemented ten years after with only 25% of the lanes constructed. As a result, traffic congestion in Toronto is still high with many opting for vehicles as a means of transport. Most residents do not want to cycle due to the high risks involved in cycling in areas without the cycling lanes.
Ontario is one of the outstanding educational hubs not only in Canada but also in the world over.&nbsp.