Management Consulting in the UK

Today, the industry is more worth than 9 billion pounds and hires more than 80,000 consultants. The industry extends a wide range of firms, most of which undertake pure management consulting work, of which are part of larger firms that also undertake IT and change programmes and from training individuals and team to provide expert advice in specialized fields (Bushko 45).Essential to the success of the whole consulting industry is their capabilities to deliver high-quality services that enable create sustainable value to organizations. To this end, the MCA has a Code of Practice to which all MCA members pledge. The MCA also encourages the positive contribution made by the industry to the economy and the wider society through the annual MCA Awards (Buono 45). As its clients look for integrated solutions to their IT requirements and management, many consultancy firms are entering into treaties with software suppliers, telecoms or communications firms in order for them to provide a broader range of quality services and outspread their global reach. At the same time, the consultant/client relationship is changing. Boundaries are distorting. Consultants can become part of the client organization for some time, and may as well sometimes share the profits as well as the risks of a scheme or project (Bushko 34). Consultancy firms that have in history competed are now more or less working together on client projects and there will be continuing union within and outside the industry as firms co-operate and join in order to offer better services to their clients (Buono 59).