Management Info Systems Project wk6

Management Info Systems Project Wk6 E-Commerce and Supply Chain Management Overview Supply chain Management (SCM) is very vital in the contemporary business environment. As the number of the consumers purchasing goods in the online platform grows, the levels of demand also grow. In addition, the urgency of receiving goods more cheaply and quickly increases. The situation poses challenges that necessitate the implementation of effective strategies. E-commerce currently accounts for a significant percentage of the purchases and business strategists expect the percentage to rise in the future. Hence, the management of both sectors must be efficient to ensure a successful furtherance of trading activities. Research Questions1. How is SCM related to e-commerce2. How can e-commerce and SCM be improved?3. What are the challenges facing SCM and e-commerce?Thesis StatementThe practice of e-commerce increases with increasing demand of goods in the online platforms, necessitating the integration of the supply chain management a process that poses challenges in the contemporary business world. Sub-TopicsDescription of concepts in SCM and e-commerceRelationship between SCM and e-commerceThe current situation of SCM and e-commerceChallenges facing SCM and e-commerce RecommendationsAnnotated BibliographyBidgoli, H. (2014).MIS⁴(4th Ed.). Boston, MA: Cengage Learning.Bidgoli thoroughly explores e-commerce and differentiates it with ancient models in chapter eight. The chapter presents an opportunity to understand e-commerce and apply it in supply chain management.Geunes, J. (2005).Applications of supply chain management and e-commerce research. New York: Springer. Geunes researches on the application of supply chain and e-commerce in an organization. The book provides answers to the research questions in the project because it expounds on the benefits of integrating e-commerce and supply chain management as well as the paybacks that result from its integration.Navid, N. (2012). Role of e-commerce in supply chain management to minimize costs. African Journal of Business Management,6(17). Doi:10.5897/ajbm11.2264 Navid’s article covers the roles of e-commerce in the supply chain management as a means of minimizing cost. The article presents details about the e-commerce process and research literature as well as a description of the requirements and necessities in the contemporary competitive world. It will be useful in understanding the relevance of e-commerce in supply chain management. Rekha, Y. (2014). Impact of E-Commerce on Supply Chain Management.SSRN Journal. Doi:10.2139/ssrn.2362136 Rekha explores further the impacts of e-commerce on supply chain management. He has highlighted and provided insightful thoughts that will greatly assist in the final project. Therefore, journal article will help in the achievement of objectives in the project as it reveals the major impact of e-commerce on supply chain.