Management Information System for Zillow

Answer 1:
Zillow needs to use the database so that it can store and respond to the billions of records that are received by them. The business cannot possibly run without making use of the databases.
Answer 2:
Zillow can then use the information collected by that to analyze its position in the market, among competitors and amongst industries.
Answer 3:
The marketing department can use data valuation to settle over the type of residence that is popular, has a higher demand and can hence, bring more profits. After this has been done, lists can be created of the potential customers for Zillow, who want to buy houses or apartments.
Answer 4:
1. Timeliness:
Customers must not receive old and outdated answers and therefore the information must be timely.
2. Accuracy:
The information provided must be accurate.
3. Consistency:
The results given by the website must be consistent.
4. Completeness:
The search results have to be quickly received and in addition, they should be completed. Uniqueness:
The answers got by the customers must be unique and different so that the customers do not receive the same answers with each search they perform.
Answer 5: &nbsp.
Entities= Mortgages, Homes, and History of Sales.
Attributes= Home Address, Sale Price and the square of homes