Management Investigation of Oil and Energy Companies

Oil and natural gas account for one of the major requirements in the daily lives of people. More than 60% of a nation’s energy is provided by natural gases and oil. Apart from providing fuel to cars and heating homes, they help to generate electricity and provide the necessary power required for daily activities of people. The oil and natural gas industry have been booming and the world has not yet witnessed any oil shortage. However, there is a real shortage of the cheap variety of oil which was taken for granted by the world at large since long. Since 2005 February, the world supply of oil has been flat. There has been a 1.4% increase in its production since December 2007 (Arup, Introduction). Firstly the project analyses the position of the three leading oil and natural companies namely, Shell, BP, Exxon-Mobil. Firstly the macroeconomic analysis is done using PESTEL and then based on this analysis the respective strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats are determined. The three companies are analyzed with respect to their financial performance and how the present global scenario has impacted that performance. Following from the research it aims to make a comparative analysis of the positions of the three companies in the market. About the CompaniesExxon Mobil operates in about 41 countries and is one of the renowned Energy and Technology sources, striving to meet the increasing demand. The company claims, that it can opt for many challenges to meet the requirements of the evolving new supplies, intensifying efficiency yet preserving the environment. Technology will play a critical role in meeting these challenges. The company keeps an eye of various magazines trend analysis that’s required to figure out the global energy demand and supply in the future years. Also, it increases the global demand and supplies, keeping in mind the environmental hazards.