Management Research Proposal

Being able to increase profit margins has been one of the main points of interest among most shareholders (Moynihan 2012). Top managements of organizations have found themselves in the state of concentrating their attention towards profit maximization, as desired by shareholders. However there is one important aspect of management that need to be given attention by shareholders, management and other members of staff in an organization.
Both non-profit and profit making organizations need to identify monitor and benchmark their operational activities. The progress of organizations can not just be measured in terms of profits made only but a thorough understanding of key performance factors has to be considered (Ngo 2013). Various assessment techniques need to be used by organizational management in determining the progress as well as impacts brought about by their operational activities. Managers ought to determine all relevant factors detailing the progress made by their organization (Işık 2013). Since the visions, missions and goals are aimed at outlining activities as well as offering guidelines on the desired actions to be undertaken by organizations, managers need to keep track of progress attained (Luo 2012). Therefore, this research proposal will seek to determine the need for organizational managers to embrace performance indicators in assessing the level of progress achieved (Popovič 2012).
The main reason leading to selection of the role of performance indicators towards success of business an organization was as a result of interacting with managers from different organizations. Most of them were concerned about identifying approaches that could enable them monitor the progress registered by their organizations as well as gauging achievements that can be clearly presented to both internal and external clients.
Almost every successful business organizations apply performance indicators.