Managing Activities and People

A characteristic of this approach is that it employs a systematic, objective, and analytical approach. Additionally, it is based on the economy. Taylor believed that to implement the economy in an organization, it is necessary to eliminate unnecessary elements of production and sufficient effort be made to ensure the achievement of maximum production at the lowest cost (Taylor 2007).The approach is also characterized by a definite plan that is core before any work is undertaken. When undertaking a project, workers should adhere to the plan. There must also be rules that match the plan for objectives to be achieved. This theory also lays emphasis on all the factors of production, including technology, workers, and material. Finally, this theory adopts scientific techniques in all organizational processes including recruitment, selection, and training of employees, and methods of work (Taylor 2007).Manufacturing businesses such as General and Ford Motors have in the 20th Century used the Scientific Management Approach in order to increase their workers’ efficiency and output after they expanded. This approach was successful but later the employees were dissatisfied with the method after production and living standards increased, hence resulting in productivity slowdown. The organizations, therefore, were prompted to adopt management approaches that were centered on employees.The Human Relations Approach, on the other hand, focuses on organizational and individual change through human interactions (Rose 2005).