Managing Oculus in America and China

Putting up a business in China is advantageous in several ways. First, technological devices are used daily as a result of making life comfortable and work simple. Secondly, there is an availability of a ready market for technical inventions. Inventions of all kinds are found in America. That makes it a destination market for any inventor. The gaming industry has not been left out in the technological world. There are over 170 million hardcore gamers in the United States thus attracting inventions to meet this demand.
Like their American counterparts, China is also a country that produces technology to a great extent. It is an essential industry that dominated the video games industry for many years (Grubb, 2013). The domination of the gaming platform was, as a result, a successful Chinese economic structure. In the year 2013, China’s gaming industry generated 13 billion US dollars. The gaming industry development in China is highly attributed to established markets abroad. Like in other countries, foreign games often sell very well in the Chinese market. None the less it still has the largest mobile games market.
Social media plays a great role both in America and China in marketing the latest games. Oculus, a product bought by Facebook enjoys this marketing platform mostly on Facebook. Oculus is an invention that takes players closer to reality. It also puts the player to interact with friends on Facebook in the same virtual space. Considering Facebook as a social platform and emphasis, this technology will be applied to interpersonal communication. With 208 million active Facebook users in the United States, the Oculus is set to have great success supported by a culture that embraces technology and a political platform that supports innovation. These two countries show significant potential for the Oculus. The American market will easily be accessible, the Chinese market that is greatly dominated by mobile games and faces a great challenge.