Managing Quality in Bath Royal United Hospital

This report evaluates the perspectives of various stakeholders in the RUH bath, assessing their views in depth over the quality of service within the facility. It also evaluates the procedures applied& the context of the facility in measuring the quality of service and procedures for improving quality care by the facility. Further, it also evaluates the procedures of gathering information used in assessing the level of performance of the hospital as well as the performance assessment techniques. Further, it evaluates the limitations and challenges to the implementation of change strategies that focus on initiating quality involvement at RUH Bath.
The health care subject remains critical in addressing the health concerns of the communities near these social amenities. In the case of Royal United Hospital, in Bath City, there are several areas of concern regarding the quality management of the care and services provided by this facility. Despite the facility being among the few under the support of the national government in offering services within the city, the subject of quality of service remains key. There are several stakeholders within this facility, and whose perspective on the quality of care and service of the hospital is essential. These stakeholders include the governance board, the health professionals, and staff of the facility, the neighbouring hospitals that compete with the facility and the patients. Additionally, other stakeholders include the community, the quality inspection agencies, financiers, and partners of the hospital.
Initially, before the execution of the first report of the Care Quality Commission, the patients in the hospital complained of prevalent cases of negligence and poor service. The staff showed an attitude of being carless for some sections, especially the A&amp.E department as well as the surgery section. However, with the recent developments, the patients and community of RUH, Bath report improved quality service, with limited cases of negligence and delay in attending to&nbsp.the patients on part of the nursing staff.&nbsp.