Managment in Library Science

Starting from arranging a festival to constructing a bridge, every activity requires team work. In the corporate world, this group activity has got a definite term which is known as Project Management. A project is not a routine task, it is a certain set of functions designed to achieve a particular goal. Sometimes the project team involves people who usually do not work together. they are acquired from different departments, different organizations amp. different localities. In simple terms, Project Management involves a temporary group activity. Project Management is related to the application of knowledge, techniques amp. skills to complete a project efficiently amp. effectively. It is a strategic decision by the organization to enhance their competencies by tying the project outputs to the organization’s objectives. Previously project management referred to the collection of project data amp. metrics for evaluation amp. then accordingly making changes to increase efficiency amp. productivity. For the past decades, this area of management have become quite popular within the corporate world because of the following reasons-Projects always have a starting date amp. an ending date which means just like products, projects also have a definite life cycle that starts with the starting date amp. ends with the ending date. The diagram shows the different phases of a project life cycle-3. Preconstruction stage- At this stage, the decision for physical formation of the project is made. Obtaining approvals from the higher authorities and signing contracts are the main parts of this phase.In the present project, we will deal with the project framework of a library where guest speakers will be invited to an event. This project presents a detailed report of the various activities involved in the project as well as the budget and resources associated with it.