Marketing Analysis of SustainU

(Gary Armstrong) Discussions of Opportunities 1) High end Private Labels During the financial turbulent times such as the present downturn in us economy the class of people who want to appear ethically and morally responsible are not the middle class people but the super rich. A recession affects the rich the least and in order to overcome the guilt feeling they have a guilt feeling which they try to overcome through various methods. (Bewley).Due to this guilt. the rich and famous will try to wear a brand which claims to bring jobs back to US and also cares about the environment. But for this idea to be transmitted proper marketing campaign needs to be organized. The apparels of the company should be associated with US economic recovery and the prevention of job losses in a way which is not preaching but trendy. High end private labels should be the primary focus of the company at present as they can charge exorbitant charges for these apparels and rake in huge profits. Although the company claims not to work for profit but cash generated through this method will help them in expanding through America. 2) Retail Market The company is right now focused on university market. This is a very niche market and the company needs to come out in the retail market if it needs to make a big impact and expand its market share. This is the area where they will face the real competition from producers who outsource their production from third world countries. The retail market is going to be very difficult but it cannot be ignored if the company wants to be in business for a long time. 3) Association with diversified Campaigns The company SustainU in its marketing campaign has not concentrated on its shirts or jeans – infect it has decided to concentrate on the things that they stand for which at present are environment viability of the company and its aim of bringing US jobs back from third world countries. These messages will have a great impact with the customers due to the economic downturn that the country is facing at present. however this message will be ignored by people 5 years down the line if the economic condition is not bad. In order to prove this point we should look at 2006 when the economy was booming – at that point of time everyone believed outsourcing is a good thing. all this changed with the advent of recession. So the company needs to keep evolving and concentrate on different messages in order to stay in business. Ethical Issues and Social Responsibility Issues The company takes the following issues head on – ecological impacts of the textile industry. outsourcing of US jobs to third world countries and the condition in which third world country laborers are made to work. The lists of issues that the company has decided to target are bang on target as these are the issues which concern America the most these days. However I would like to make one suggestion here – instead of outright opposing outsourcing the company should show the world how to do it. If the company needs to fight it out in the retail market. it needs to cut costs and outsourcing is the best way to do it. It needs to open a few factories in China and provide the employees all the benefits which they are denied till now. In this way the second issue which they target – the pathetic conditions in which workers in outsourced factories work