MARKETING DEBATEIs Service Marketing Different From Product Marketing

factor has been at the core essence of any organization mainly due to the fact that it is the ultimate resource which brings about completion of work and duties. People factor in the service encounter gains an even more significant position. Thus a company can move from a position of stability to one of a complete unstable stance as it acquires different means of gathering the market and its driving factors that come along with it. (Lazer, 1971)
Thus the differences between the present day service marketing and the traditional product marketing in the ranks of the small and the large businesses asks of the marketers to learn the same so that they could understand for their own betterment what the present day marketing regimes could bring about and thus benefit all and sundry. The intention behind marketing is to make people aware of this form of business which is all about the propagation of knowledge and information related with the product/service in mind and the company which is making it available for one and all. (Bailey, 2000) With that, one understands that the foundation of marketers will be strong so that they could step right into the practical world and do not feel at sea when the business plans and the marketing strategies are discussed with regards to different products and brands. Thus marketing is taught in colleges for imparting the much valuable information and the precise details of the insight that would enable one and all towards the issues which a person could encounter in his practical life. (Aguirre, 2001) From a standpoint of small and large businesses, product and service marketing is in fact a battle ground for learning a lot of things which are related with the psychological basis since understanding the psyche of the consumers beforehand can be the starting point for comprehending as to what they actually want and what they should be offered in terms of the product offerings and services mix.
Coming from the quarters of the present day