Marketing Design Innovation

ke to the customers can be ascertained as that it provided a refreshing experience to the customers with greater taste along with refreshment (The Coca-Cola Company, 2010). Likewise, Diet Coke is totally free from sugar, which only includes 1 kilocalorie (kcal) for a diet coke of 250 millilitres (ml) consumed by the customers. It has been viewed that the needs of the customers have been frequently changing due to which Coca-Cola has taken the initiative of focusing on products such as Diet Coke and other light products that provide innovative packaging to the customers. Moreover, in order to address the changing requirements of the customers, the company has offered variation in its choices of products to customers that would match their preferences and lifestyle (The Coca-Cola Company, 2012).
Diet Coke provides a huge value to the customers as the product has created the awareness of the customers regarding the maintenance of a healthy diet. Diet Coke has been developed in an innovative way and it has been the product that has responded to the trendy requirements of the customers (Bates, 2011). The company i.e. Coca-Cola has understood that through offering the product of Diet Coke, long-term growth can be achieved as it caters the emotional requirements of the customers. Diet Coke has been the product, which has crafted the message of bringing in an evolution within the customers experience that is totally driven towards their preferences and desires. It has been apparent that needs of the customers have been continuously changing and the company has adopted a perfect strategy by introducing Diet Coke in the market as the product tends to address the changing requirements of the customers (Bates, 2011). In the present day context, people have become more conscious about their health maintenance and Diet Coke has been the perfect product, which has been developed considering the aspect of health maintenance for customers. This particular factor has helped in