Marketing Environment of Walker Crisps

Findings, analysis and the key issues will be highlighted.
When an individual is dealing with the market there are some issues that are considered and they include things like the potential markets and the consumers and the driving forces behind sales trends and the strengths and weaknesses in market.
In the 1880s, the director R. E. Gerald helped the meat industry that was falling to come up with an alternative industry and that is how walker crisps began by a man known as Henry Walker. At the present time the owner of walker is Frito-lay (Andrews, 2004) the advert by Gary in 2000 was the 9th best commercial television of all time.
The authority said that the TV Commercial and poster viewers make unjustified claims on health regarding the new recipe for crisps. The TV commercial also featured that the saturated oils were reduced by 70%. According to Graham Cash Macgregor chairman, the reduced salt and saturated oil makes the walker crisps better. Cash challenges walkers by saying that 8% of the salt is contained in the crisps for adults.
According to a new walker’s TV advert, 100% of the walkers crisps are made from British purely formed potatoes and they demonstrate the commitment of walker’s to produce quality and also to the industry of the farming. Gary explains that the weather of the British helps in the growth of British potatoes that makes the perfect good quality of walkers’ crisps and hence making of these quality crisps.
Alongside the advertisement from the TV, the spending of the market has included advertising from outdoor and also practical demonstrations in UK at the events that are across and also giving hands on to consumers on how crisp are created up to the pack from spud.
The saturation of walker crisps is reduced such that a bag contains a gram less of the