Marketing Fundamentals and Enviroment

The more the communication is done better result would be. The good result is, of course, the desire of every marketing personal. Communication is the act of influencing and inducing others to act in the manner intended. Sharing of ideas with others is basically communication. Thus, we could simply say that normally there is a duration of the time period for a particular organization/brand to simply be identified in a particular market. For all this, there are certain factors that should be followed in order to be successful. (DiMaggio, n.p, 2001)
Time utilization is one of the most essential elements in the promotion of any organization/brand. If the allocation of proper time is done and every specific factor is taken under consideration then the desired result could easily be achieved in less time period.
An excellent example of a very successful brand is ‘mother care’. This specific brand by the name of ‘mother care’ is a unique collection of all the items of children wear, as well as furniture, stationery, toy and much more. This brand has got a very good collection of everything that a child basically requires and at a reasonable price.
It is due to this reason, that people like shopping in ‘mother care’. One of the other reason is that ‘ mother care’ have got their outlet basically in all the countries of the world, no matter where you go and if you would like to buy their product you can easily get it anywhere in the world.
It is very much true that these organizations/brands do have to face a lot of challenges in the market, their unique collection of stock. Let, we take ‘levis’. This brand is famous for its good quality of products. These products are durable, comfortable and good to wear. especially the youth of today really likes this brand.&nbsp.&nbsp.