Marketing Manager Career

Marketing is now focused on external factors in the organization and aims at increasing the overall sales and maximizing profits. Marketing has a large number of meanings in different areas. Marketing is described as the performance and execution of business activities that are responsible for directing the flow of services and products from the initial producers to consumers. It is also known as the process of performing, planning, promotion, pricing, and distribution of goods, ideas, and services to create exchanges that lead to the achievement of organizational objectives and individual satisfaction. Marketing is referred to as a function of the organization and processes that involve the creation, communication, and delivery of value to consumers and management of customer relationships to benefit stakeholders and the organization.Although the marketing concept was developed in ancient times, the concept received more attention and development during the industrial revolution experienced in the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries. During the industrial revolution, there was an advancement in technology, rapid social change, and scientific innovation.According to Davis (2013), marketing began informally in 1741 when the first magazine was produced. Additional development in marketing was experienced in 1800 when first billboards were used to attract public attention and to convert the attention to sales. The development of marketing has been experienced through different phases as illustrated by White (2010). Thesimple trade erawas the first era in marketing. The simple trade era was characterized by the limited supply of goods and services, utilization of hands for production, and focus on economic activities. The simple trade era ended in the mid-19th century after lasting for several decades from civilization period.In the mid-19th century, the production era replaced the simple trade era during the industrial revolution period.