Marketing New Casual Footwear in the UK

Sportswear grabs major attention from all spheres. So now, the sports are as much about the game as much it is about the accessories related to it. This factor has given rise to a drastic change in the sportswear environment over the past 10 years. Not only playing good but also looking good has become an important factor. All that is worn by the players on or off the field becomes hot products. People want exact replicas of such products to call their own. This consumer demand has led to companies like ours, which exclusively cater to this segment of society, sell the sports product like hot cakes because sportswear has rapidly turned into an ever-growing and lucrative market. The youth form a majority of the total buyers of these products. Parry, 2004 has rightly stated that “There has been a significant change in the sports market over recent years driven by a number of key factors, including the high-profile media coverage of sport, the huge marketing budgets of the global brands and the increasing fashion appeal of sports clothing.”
Keeping in mind this global scenario I would like to bring to your notice that it is the best time to launch a product like our casual footwear. We are bound to be successful if we do the proper planning by using appropriate planning tools in order to develop our marketing objectives and strategies successfully. According to Ideas factory, “Market research pundits estimate that only 20% of all sports footwear will be used for the purpose intended, with the majority being flaunted as casual, fashion or even collector’s items.” Even fashion giants are trying to lure the local as well as an international market segment with their sportswear products. It has rightly been mentioned by the Ideasfactory website that, “The trend has persisted since the mid-1990s when Jil Sander took a shine to Puma’s King football boots and had them modified for the catwalk.”