Marketing of Diamonds De Beers Campaign

This positioning is symbolic, of growing love as the years pass being equated with growing size of diamonds. It intrigues one as diamonds are now shown to relate with the journey of life, and not merely as a one time gift of love. The message is different, and it tickles the mind with the new concept –&nbsp. of diamonds being constant companions of the journey of love and adventures. In this manner, the campaign hopes to inculcate the benefits of having a journey series, as a symbol of growing love. The inherent need that is present in any couple, that of cherishing life together. getting old together in this journey of life. and having their love grows with time. is what the above campaign addresses.&nbsp. The following paragraph that appears at the center and above the picture of the glittering diamonds:&nbsp.

“There are no maps or directions on the journey of love.&nbsp.It’s about each step you take together and the moments you realize your love has grown and deepened.&nbsp.Journey Diamond Jewellery, a series of stones set in increasing size, symbolizes your journey together”& directed towards establishing a correlation between the inherent need of the couples to experience life together and see their love grow, and the desire to possess jewelry that has diamonds of increasing sizes. Going further on the website, this correlation is reiterated by the following message: “Journey Diamond Jewellery symbolizes the breadth and depth of your unique relationship.”
The 28 designs that are displayed for the Journey Campaign, are each accompanied by a message that reminds the viewer about the resilience of love, deepening love, etc. Thus the above campaign scores point on its ability to convert a need (love to grow with time) into want (to have a symbolic representation of that growing love in the form of journey series of diamonds).
The message that the campaign gives out to the targeted prospects is that they start seeing the concept of growing love as manifested in the growing size of diamonds. The action desired here is not to outright make the target go out and make a purchase, but to ingrain in him the new convention that diamonds represent love as it grows over the years.