“Marketing Plan for Jos Fredrick &amp

Sons"From the targeted $70,000, the marketing system, whose validity will determine the accuracy of the budget, will depend on portfolio planning, i.e. the coordinated planning of the individual services, the 80:20 rule, which makes the plan clear, concise and clear by concentrating on the 20% of services, and on the 20% of the customers to account for 80% of the volume and 80% of the profit, and lastly the 7 P’s program that focuses on Product/services, Place, Price and Promotion, Physical environment people and the Marketing Process. Since the three broad services offered by Jos. Fredrick &amp. Sons are the company’s pillars, the budget will need to be shared equally and a small portion set aside to oversee the implementation of the marketing plan as follows.
The company should maintain the slogan "Our Ability is Your Security", as it is well known by the intended market. However, much more should be done in respect to the wording "leave the repairs and regular maintenance to the pros" into a more eye-catching one such as "the man in town will sort you". This will no doubt go a long way in the company’s market positioning as it will instinctively arouse interest in the customers who will want to experience the change that the "new man in town" is out to offer, which could be different from what the company has offered in the last six decades. Such a small change in the wording could mean a lot, and the things that the company would require to do is to inscribe those words in their invoices, paint it in a fancy way on their website, or paint their service vehicles with those words in odd colors that will have a feel of odd works such as plumbing. There should also be some bumper stickers with the Company’s name, logo, and the words "the new man in town will sort you". The costs for such activities will go to the 10% budget provision as they are aimed at overseeing the success of the plan.&nbsp.