Marketing Strategies Development

The essay "Marketing Strategies Development" aims to design a competitive and successful marketing strategy for the launching of the new mark of mobile phone Leviathan.
In the last two decades, there have been major changes in the broader economic environment resulting from increasing globalization, deregulation, increased the competition and specialization of industries cited in Kotler. This has lead organizations to form cooperative agreements, such as alliances, resulting in a shift from stand-alone competition to the networked rivalry.
The marketing mix has its origin in the marketing of goods for consumer markets and consists of the well known 4P’s: Price, Promotion, Place, and Product and must be carefully coordinated for the greatest success. Therefore, two methods were presented through which the divisions could be segmented. I suggested segmenting the market into geographical, demographical and time segment. Through these methods, the company is better placed to meet up with its objectives.
The paper calls for a value adding and marketing strategy for increasing yields to the company for the benefits of the entire business. The company expects to target not only high-yielding niche market but low-income household as well with the introduction of the new products. Key success factors within the market will be MoTecH Ltd brand of innovative quality furniture and promotional gifts, individualized customer services – tailor made custom design providing customers with what they want, when and how they want it.