Marketing The Persuaders

It should be noted that advertising campaigns are often the company’s ticket in gaining the market’s attention and patronage. An example of showing the importance of market research is Rapaille who stated that a lot of products have failed to succeed because advertisers were not so keen in their marketing research resulting to sending off codes in their advertising campaigns which discourages them to buy the advertised luxurious products.
It is irrefutable that customers are being bombarded with thousands of advertisements everyday which, instead of attracting customers, create distraction and confusion in their minds. This confusion and distraction comprise the "clutter." The video states that a company which tries to break the clutter will only become a part of it. However, some measures may be effective. In order for the company to break into the clutter, it must conduct an intensive and extensive marketing research in order to gain information on how to efficiently communicate with its customers. The company should be able to launch a campaign which stands out from the rest of its competitors and other companies. It is also very important that the business organization is able to deliver the value and satisfaction that it promises in its campaigns.
3. How would you describe the Song communication campaign Strength/weaknesses. Would you have supported it as a VP marketing for Song Why/why not
Song’s communication campaign is not efficient as evidenced by the very low of brand recall. The airline’s advertising campaign did not gain the reception that the managers were hoping for. Song has an untapped and very good target market-women. The process of coming up with the marketing campaign is also very impressive. However, it can be seen that the company’s communication campaign is very much different from the image that it want to convey. The company wants to market itself as a hip and trendy airline but its television advertisements shows "fun." The marketing campaign also fails to differentiate Song from its competitors neither does it identify the company as an airline. Also, Song has also seemed to suffer from relying on television advertisement. Technology nowadays allows watchers to zap commercials to turn to other programs. The company should have utilized other channels for its ads like women magazines and even fashion shows.
I believe that song needs a better communication campaign which is more competitive and captivating. I will not recommend the current advertising strategy because of its inability to stand out and failure to deliver to the customer the message that it intends to convey.
4. What do you think about motivation research using projective techniques as the ones seen in the video (storytelling/drawings) Do they lead to credible/valid results Is it ethical for marketers to get in our minds
Motivation research