Marriage Counselling Intervention

The clients’ evaluation of the counsellor on these three religious value dimensions has more effect on the choice of counsellor or continuation after an initial interview than it has on the long-term satisfaction of the client after the client has made a considerable investment of time and money in counselling intervention.
The Christian approach to marriage counselling intervention that advocated by the counsellors is not merely hearing confession –nor is it preaching or studying the Bible. It is not spiritual direction, which involves guided reflection about Christian living–nor is it spiritual guidance, which involves advice and direct suggestion. It is marriage counselling intervention, as is secular marriage counselling intervention. As such, like any marriage counselling intervention, it involves the assumption that basic counselling skills will be employed consonant with the personality style of the counsellor and the needs of the client. Approach to marriage counselling assumes that counsellors may employ techniques that originated in the Christian traditions when they are consonant with the personality and beliefs of the counsellor and the needs of the client and when they are deemed to contribute to the goals of marital therapy. Generally, the counsellor will not initiate a challenge to the clients’ Christian beliefs unless such a challenge is otherwise clinically advisable (e.g., obsessive or intrusive thoughts, compulsive religious behaviour, psychotic thinking of religious content, and the like). In all cases, good clinical judgment is presumed–as in any theory.
It is to be believed that people are created in the image of&nbsp.God, which endows them with a variety of laudable personal qualities. They were created as individuals, but they were created to be in relationship with God and with humans, most importantly with a spouse, with whom they are "one flesh," but also with their offspring, members of their family of origin, and others both Christian and non-Christian.&nbsp.