Master of Information Systems(personal statement)

Admission Essay Master of Information Systems! Vow! That sounds so good! Finally it will be a dream come true. a dream that I had been nurturing foralmost a decade now. With a keen interest in finance and an analytical mind, a Post Graduation degree from a premier institute would definitely see me well placed in a few months’ time.
It is my firm belief that "All work and no play makes Johnny a dull boy". As such, I have always made it a point to take an active part in sports and co-curricular activities. Among outdoor games, I love Tennis and have held the office of Vice-President, Youth Tennis Club, Danamon Tennis Club, Jakarta, Indonesia. Chess is a game supposedly for the nerds and I am proud to have won the seventh Place in National High School Chess Competition, out of a total of fifteen best players among 16 high schools in Jakarta, Indonesia.
As Vice President of the student union, I have assisted board president in arranging and managing student organization in school with planning extracurricular activities.
Work experience is something that I started accumulating from my student days itself. My natural flair for marketing and advertising helped me get the coveted position of Marketing Associate with Lampe Berger Estebel Health, Jakarta, where I set an impressive record. My internship with PT Nasa Electronic, Jakarta gave me a chance to generate a product and test the calculation time with the actual work process. The hands on experience helped me work effectively as a part of a team.
Having proved my mettle, both as a leader and as a team player, I would like to hone my skills to suit my career objective. My ultimate career objective would be to start an entrepreneurial venture after I have sufficient hands – on experience. My short term objective would be to look for an opening with a financial planning and analysis firm where I can utilize my leadership skills, analytical skills, and teamwork ability with an opportunity to experience a professional business environment.
Being convinced that I was born to make a mark in the finance world, I want to get the best possible education in the field. Kelley School of Business is one of the most respected business schools globally. Kelley faculty are ranked No. 2 in the nation by the Princeton Review. Kelley’s unique approach to each student’s needs and aspirations has put it high on the list of admission seekers. I have also heard a lot about the School from my seniors, who are currently holding plush positions in the private and public finance sector.
What makes Kelley all the more respected is its forecasts for the global, national and state economies and financial markets. For more than three decades, the Kelley School of Business has presented its national, state and local forecasts through a series of presentations.

The Econometric Model of the United States, developed by IU’s Center for Econometric Model Research, which analyzes numerous statistics to develop a national forecast for the coming year is very impressive indeed. It is a wonder how the center’s Econometric Model of Indiana provides a corresponding forecast of where the state’s economy is headed.