Maternal Mortality in Australia

In order to overcome the problem, certain recommendations are provided which include focusing on providing proper education regarding maternal health to the Australian women as well as developing effective strategic health policies by the Australian government.

Maternal death is considered as a major problem in today’s world. Maternal death is referred to the death of a woman during the time of her pregnancy or within forty-two days from aborting the child. Every year millions of women die throughout the world due to pregnancy complications or childbirth. However, the rate of maternal mortality is considerably low in Australia in comparison to other countries of the world. As per the World Health Report (2010), during the year 2006-2010 about 99 maternal deaths were reported in Australia (Australian Institute of Health and Welfare, 2014). Thus in terms of Maternal Mortality Ratio, there were 7 deaths per 10000 women who gave birth to their child. Moreover, among the 99 maternal deaths in Australia, 39 deaths were reported to be directly related with pregnancy and the rest 60 deaths were indirect maternal death (Australian Institute of Health and Welfare, 2014). However, there are certain factors that are responsible for both direct and indirect maternal death in Australia and in order to overcome the problem a major focus should be given on certain aspects like antenatal care, giving proper training to the birth attendants and mobilization of the community (National Centre for Biotechnology Information, 2012. Public Health Association of Australia, 2008). With this concern, the essay aims to produce a report on the maternal problem in Australia. Subsequently, the report entails factors contributing to maternal death in Australia and its consequences, along with relevant recommendations to deal with the issue.

Even though the rate of&nbsp.maternal death in Australia is less in comparison to other countries of the world, but it has been found that majority of the victims of maternal death in Australia are the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander women.&nbsp.