MBA Project Management

Cross- utilization of resources would also reduce the cost.
Hyten has taken a reasonable approach to implement formal project management. Project management cannot be implemented without taking the employees in confidence. For this purpose, it organized the seminar to enlighten the management with the benefits of project management. Having confidential interviews was a good way to understand the hurdles in implementing the project and employees’ perceptions. However, the implementers should consider the arguments presented by the managers and devise solutions to cater to the problems involved especially to those presented by the plant and engineering managers. They should meet with the general manager and take him into confidence too. They should also consider the time period for creating an adequate information system required for project management. For that, they may approach an outside company to find out how much time it would take to create the same information system for them
The organizational personnel were focusing more on the disadvantages. …
However most of them accepted the fact the long-term benefits were more than the disadvantages in short term. Many of the disadvantages focused on the changes that would be required as a result of project management. For example, the staff would have to break work summaries into work packages, prepare commitment reports, estimate report data, perform project audits and prepare comparisons of projected versus actual costs. Besides the present internal control system would have to be changed after reviewing it. All of these would require more resources. The advantages included improved communication among the departments, cross-utilization of resources, better scheduling and reduced costs. Hence, to gain the advantages, it is important to consider the disadvantages and the changes required.
4. Are the issues raised regarding evaluations and compensations valid Provide some solutions and are these areas really a result of formal project management
The issues that are raised regarding evaluations and compensations are valid. If employees know that they can influence their evaluation and appraisals by siding with a particular manager, they might choose to do so. This may particularly happen when the functional and project manager do not get along together. These issues may be resolved by increasing cooperation between both the managers. For example, if a project manager assigns a task to a functional employee, he should notify the functional manager so that he does notfeel that his authority is surpassed. However, the issue may still remain if any or both of the managers are unwilling to cooperate. For this purpose, detailed evaluation forms may help. In those, the managers would have to give a detailed evaluation of the employees’ assigned task