Measuresure of Organizational Performance

LAKEFRONT REGIONAL MEDICAL CENTER Introduction Lakeview Regional Medical Center (n.a) states that, “hospitals of excellence become the best through continued dedication and commitment in providing the best in quality of care in an environment of compassion, dignity, and respect.” Being regional referral hospital, the hospital is expected to experience an increase of both inpatient and outpatient with the projected increase in the older generation of 65+. This can be attributed to the fact that, Lakefront Regional Medical Center is the leading hospital in market share by admissions 16,720 and cardiovascular 32% services a common disease among the older generation.
It is thus imperative that measures of organizational performance are incorporate into the hospital’s objectives to meet this anticipated increase in patients. Therefore, it is important that quality and effectiveness measures be taken into consideration. Ensuring that quality and effectiveness in service delivery is not compromised, will aid in making future projections of the number of inpatient and outpatient expected. This will help in strategic planning to determine the number of service facilities needed to accommodate patients and future anticipated profits. This measures will also aid predict demand and hence level of marketing e.g. advertising required.
Therefore, using quality and effectiveness as measures of performance, the management can be able to determine number of staff required. For instance, the physicians working at Twin Rivers Community Hospital will have to be employed full time to attend to patients at the hospital. Either these measures will help management determine level of patient satisfaction and the level of competition from St Francis, which is major rival offering similar services with high performance percentages e.g. in cardiovascular services.
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