Media Bullshit



Furthermore, it has to be noted that the media comes in the form of the television, the internet, the radio, newspaper, and magazines. Significantly, the absence of the above-mentioned source of medium would be difficult for the citizens of the United States to be aware of what is taking place. The media has been utilized to inform the American society on the performance of the government, prominent individuals and the community as a whole (Qualman, 2012, 12-14). Essentially, I believe that the media cannot be regarded as “media bullshit” as information shared by the public often brings about more good than harm. Counter position According to an article by Burrowes (2015), “The combination of inexperienced and busy marketers, conflicted agencies and incentivized media owners is coming up with a situation of unprecedented media bullshit”. The author apparently has done some research and has come up with the conclusion that the services being initiated by the media industry are based on a bull shit entity. The perception is based on the challenges that the journalists go through, i.e. being forced to give false news as a way of gaining a bigger platform. According to Coville (2010), “Usually, it is not part of anybody’s grand scheme to brainwash you, but rather the result of newsrooms being staffed by fallible and opinionated humans”. Significantly, the implication of the above quote signifies that the media is indeed biased as what is often offered is not what is right.