Media Coverage of Muslims

The recent media coverage has really been in the focus of Muslim society, which has allegedly become a causal agent of worldly violence. For instance, terrorism activities have dominated parts of nations in recent decades because of Muslims’ violent activities engagement. Muslims are a religious community found in almost all parts of the world. The long-term objectives of every religious group are to influence the world and take pre-eminence in regards to religion, economy, politics, and social aspects. This is the long-term reason for their engagement in terrorist activities, especially Muslims. This factor leads to the recent excessive media coverage of Muslim society. Moreover, recent decades have seen researchers, academicians and scholars gaining enthusiasm and interest in the study of why media coverage on Muslims is so outstanding among others coverages (Allen and Seaton, 1999).The feelings generated from the intense expression of an issue considered a social threat constitutes moral panic. The concept of moral panic is considered essential in enhancing the processes of societal sensitization in moral issues. It also entails the creation of awareness in regards to challenges that threaten the social order, as well as the acceptable virtues in the society, and are caused by deviant groups or individuals. Arguments and social tension become a rationale for various controversies, where disagreements do not have room since society becomes a back-up tool for the proposed agendas. The main agent for the spread of moral panic in the media, owing to the recent technological developments in the adoption of integrated communication frameworks (Allen and Seaton, 1999).A cluster of characteristics is attributed to the concept of moral panic, which includes moral concern. This entails awareness creation to the society that the activities of a certain group are likely to cause societal disorder, leading to long-term negativity.