Mediation Critique Case Study



The environment of the mediation room is deemed to be the most crucial factor for ensuring the success of mediation conducted between Randy and Brett. Apart from the physical setup of the room, the less tangible factors also contribute into influencing the decision-making of the parties as well as the mediator. From the mediation conducted, it can be understood that the environment was calm as well as safe for the parties with respect to negotiation (00:14). Besides, in order to ensure the success of the mediation plan, only three people were present at the conference room including the mediator, Randy and Brett (00:47). Furthermore, the comfort of both the parties involved in the mediation was deemed to be crucial and thus the environment was kept peaceful to facilitate proper communication and create a problem-solving atmosphere (00:25. 01:02).&nbsp.In the opening statement, the mediator introduced herself and presented a brief idea about the tasks that will be performed for reaching into a common agreement between the involved parties (00:08). The mediator stated that the main objective of the session conducted was to reach a mutual agreement between Randy and Brett so as to evade any sort of conflicting situation further (01:19).&nbsp.Besides, the mediator also highlighted the fact that full confidentiality of the information will be maintained. In addition, the mediator also mentioned that partiality will be avoided on both the sides in order to bring out favorable or positive outcomes.&nbsp.