Medical Image Marketing

Reports are ready immediately, which reduces turnaround time and greatly increases the ability of the radiologist professional to self-edit reports. In one study, turnaround time was reduced from 20 hours to less than 6 hours. For the ordering doctor and the patient this means a quicker response to time sensitive medical issues. For the hospital and administration there is a cost savings involved over the traditional hand transcription, as it eliminates the need for contracted transcription services.
RadWhere can be customized to utilize individual radiologist templates as well as a standard template set. It has an accuracy rate of 99 percent and is compatible with a wide variety of accents and foreign dialects. The ability of the radiologist to self-edit markedly decreases the time from the imaging to the final report, and the archiving and retrieval versatility makes the report available to large scale integrated systems (Industry-wide Focus on Cutting Transcription Costs).
Computed Tomography (CT) Scan is an x-ray technique that uses digital imaging to create and reconstruct cross-sectional pictures of the heart. This system is used by doctors in the identification and treatment of heart disease and abnormalities. Traditionally, viewing inside the heart could be accomplished by cardiac catheterization, a slow and invasive process. CT scanning of the heart allows multiple cross section x-rays to be taken, which are then reconstructed into a 3 dimensional image. One of the obstacles to this process has been that the heart is in continual motion and the resulting image is reduced in resolution and accuracy. The Toshiba CT Scanner 64 Slice with Cardiac software overcomes these obstacles.
Higher resolution imaging and enhanced software allows the CT operator to get high quality 3 dimensional images of hearts with rates as fast as 140 beats per minute. Toshiba states that the software "facilitates cardiac CT angiographic reconstruction when the heart is in the best cardiac phase with minimum motion" (Staffordshire General Hospital). Additionally, the Toshiba CT Scanner and software renders true cardiac function analysis, as a beta blocker is not required for its use. It has the ability to deliver sufficient resolution to image coronary arteries and soft plaque structures.
Patient care quality is improved as the process is quick, non-invasive, and provides early warnings of problems that may exist within the cardiac system. Doctors benefit from the improved imaging and the ability to see the multi-dimensional rendering, which allows them to more thoroughly examine the heart’s activities and the associated problems of plaque buildup (Staffordshire General Hospital).
"On Guard": Chest X-ray CAD by Riverain Medical
The most critical component driving improved prognosis in lung cancer patients is early detection. Riverain Medical has improved the ability of doctors to diagnose patients for lung cancer with it "On Guard" Chest X-ray Computer Aided Detection (CAD) technology. The system utilizes existing and traditional x-rays to aid the radiologist in locating and identifying early stage actionable nodules that may be early stage lung cancer. In addition, it interfaces with Picture Archiving and Communication Systems (PACS) technology to easily integrate into a hospital’s existing system.