Medical Terminology Final Paper

I need help with a Final Paper in my Medical Terminology class. There are three customer records that need to be verified. Directions of the assignment along with the template is attached below. Can you help me please?hcm205finalprojectguidelinesandrubric.pdfhcm205finalprojecttemplate.pdfhcm205patientonerecord-1.pdfhcm205patientrecordthree.pdfhcm205patientrecordtwo.pdfPosted: 2 years agoDue: 03/03/2018Budget: $20Answers 0Bids 30Timecheckerwork solutionsTop-PerformerYoung Kim hoodsMiss ProfessorBrilliantEzzayZEpic Writer PhdVal TutorsTeacher hyranksbrilliant answersProf. Jason1LizluvwriterMich MichieFadia NawazProf. Dan.Dr shamille ClaraDr.Paul Jacksonbig tankEliteExpertsProf XavierSHIR15phyllis youngComputer_Science_ExpertmbithehDoctor-kimwoodTutorJuddy-PHDwizard kimwriterlexProf.HumphreyProf Double ROther questions 10Who wants to helpweek 3 writing assignmentNO Plagiarism WILL REPORT!Paper #2for factorisedshort answers – international Entrepreneurshiponline class quiz Gaming Operations, answer 7 questions.Resume Price ElasticityNot ratedMedical FinalI need someone to help with a last minute Medical Terminology final assignment due ASAP! It is a very important assignment so please do not accept the bid if you are not willing to complete for me in …03/03/201820biology