Memo Revision

Memo Revision Memo Revision All Employees Joe, Vice President March 10, 2005 Relocation to the New Offices
The Vice President’s office wishes to inform all employees that relocation to new the building will commence on Thursday next week. It will not commence on Monday and Tuesday according to initial plans. This decision has been arrived at following planned visits by managers from the central office on Monday and Tuesday. The Vice President’s office does not anticipate experiencing any form of embarrassments when managers visit to find things in disorder. The office wish to express regret, in advance, for any confusion or inconvenience the change might cause. All affected personnel are, through this memo, urged to extend maximum cooperation during the planned move.
All personnel will pack their items in standard size boxes during relocation. Monday or Tuesday marks the date of issuing the standard size boxes subject to confirmation after relevant consultations. The reason for it is to make everything proceed smoothly as planned. Issuance of standard size boxes also avoids reoccurrence of horrible scenes witnessed during the previous relocation. All personnel should be present during issuance of boxes and await official communication.
The following is the schedule analyzed by the Human Resource manager after thorough considerations and consultations stipulating the order in which personnel and their packed boxes will move from different floors to the new building:
1:00 PM: First and second-floor personnel
2:00 PM: Third and fourth-floor personnel
3:00 PM: Fifth-floor personnel
All personnel should take charge of their items as losses or damages incurred shall be upon the individual. Teamwork is hereby encouraged to have a smooth switch to the new offices. The Vice President’s office wishes all personnel an easy relocation to their new offices.