Memories of 9/11 Rushing Out

My work is dictated by NEP and my main target, according to my training is saving lives, protecting the health/safety of public/responders/recovery workers. I will act for ensuring the security of homeland is imperative while preventing imminent incidents, restoring the critical infrastructure of key resources, enforcing law investigations. Then comes my duties of protecting property, environment, and facilitating recovery of individuals, communities, families etc. and this is combined with apprehending perpetrators and preserving evidence, as the country is facing danger today, both internal and external and the first relief has to be presented locally.
"While the primary responsibility for initial incident response remains at the local level, using locally available assets, special capabilities for prevention or response may also require Federal and private-sector resources in the case of the most dangerous and complex threats"
As a plan to respond to national emergencies, it uses National Incident Management System, and I shall set into motion the Emergency Support Function Annexes for transportation, telecommunication, additional back-up support, and firefighting squads.