Metaphor criticism in case study

Research Question: To study the use and effect of metaphors in editorial or political cartoons Thesis ment: Use of metaphors to depict many and complex issues in Hillary Clinton’s 2008 US presidential election campaign.
Claims and Supports
1. Hillary Clinton is tied down in her quest for the 2008 Presidency.
The illustration of Hillary Clinton with her right hand, the dominant one, handcuffed is powerful metaphor stating that she is severely handicapped.
In the artifact, Hillary is looking backward instead of forward, indicating her preoccupation with a burdensome past, instead of a hopeful future.
2. Bill Clinton is the reason for her handicap
Bill is the one shown carrying all the baggage, a telling metaphor on his being the cause for Hillary’s handicap.
Travelgate, Whitewater and Filegate are all Bill Clinton era scandals. Though Hillary’s involvement in Whitewater and Filegate were alleged at the time, the artifact suggests that they are purely Bill’s burdens. Bill’s past sexual escapades are tellingly shown by depicting him in his underwear.
3. Bill understands that he is a burden on Hillary and is trying to help
Despite the burden he is carrying, Bill’s plaintive look in the cartoon is the metaphor that demonstrates his eagerness to help Hillary and the realization that he is a burden to her.
Bill shown as saying that he is “coming” is another metaphor to show his game attempt to catch up with Hillary who is ahead, and could possibly be further ahead without Bill and his baggage.
Metaphors are used extensively in editorial or political cartoons. They are used to depict many complex issues simultaneously. Metaphors have a dramatic effect in focusing on the core issues and also bring out many nuances graphically, drawing attention to many past issues effectively.
Another possibility of interpreting the cartoon is to understand it as depicting Bill using a weary, unenthusiastic Hillary to control the 2008 Presidency.
The audience for the cartoon comprises everyone interested in the American Presidential elections and particularly the prospects of Hillary Clinton. The artifact arises from the present day American culture and is a political or editorial cartoon.