MGMT610 – CROSS-CULTURAL MANAGEMENTWeek 6 Assignment – Research Paper – Part IDUE: May 17, 2020, 11:55 PMAssignment InstructionsYour finalresearch paper will be based on the topic you chose in Week One. You may use some of the readings assigned in the class and expand on your topic.To complete this task,you will need to write the first half of your final paper. To be successful, a minimum of five (5) pages of substantive content toward your final paper must be submitted in APA formatTurnitin Information:Your paper will automatically be submitted to Turnitin when you submit your paper through the “Assignment” section of the classroom. As a guide, the similarity score is the percentage of an assessment that directly quotes other sources and should be no more than 10%. Please note that this refers only to direct quotes within the body of the text and does not include the reference list or cover sheet. Anything more than 10% will be subject to evaluation and loss of points if plagiarism is detected.Writing Rubric – attached (must use)I am also sending you a correction on the bibliography from my instructor with notes so that you will be aware of necessary changes.You can go by the last 2 written assignments that pertains to Microsoft. If you need dates  of the previous assignments that you did for me I can get them.What is happening is that we are merging things from previous assignment that were discussed and can be included in these 5 pages. The next assignment will tie into this one. THANK YOU