Telebank Call Center has a sophisticated electronic system to control calls and keep things moving. It runs very much like an assembly line and the calls never stop. The pace of the work is quite rapid and this is sometimes a stressor for the staff. The pace is controlled by the system and there is always a beep in their ear when the next call is cued. Some calls take longer than others so the intervals between calls are not always the same. It is often enough to cause stress, however. The interesting thing is that they hire people who like to talk to other people and then they hurry them through calls very rapidly. It also allows for the staff member that quits working and does not halt calls because of it.The same electronic system that manages the call side of the program also manages the evaluations of employees. The method used is somewhat suspect for part of their employees being unhappy. It monitors everything done by the employees including how many calls they took as well as how many times they went to the bathroom. By all criteria, the technical side of their business appears to work very well. That part of the business definitely is a machine.The social system, on the other hand is probably a bigger stressor for all involved than the tracking and watching from the technical system. This is a business that advertises that it want individuals in employees and their hiring routine is set up to capture those personalities. The problem is that those kinds of personalities like to come to work in their time, get done what they want to in the time they want to and run their day according to their desires. The other thing the company looks for is people that like to talk to other people. Organizing is a structure that managers use to establish a structure of working relationships (Jones amp. George, 2007) which is what the hiring process in this company is trying to do. Their goal is to have independent personalities