Michelangelos First Painting

This essay discusses the Michelangelo’s first painting, that was the Torment of Saint Anthony. The researcher states that it is believed to be the “earliest known painting” of Michelangelo in the age of “12 or 13 years old”. It is dated back to “1487-88,” when Michelangelo had befriended an assistant in “the workshop of Domenico Ghirlandaio in Florence” which did an engraving of Saint Anthony from a “German master called Martin Schongauer”. The issue is discussed in the essay by the researcher whether it is the master – who spectacularly painted the Sistine Chapels in Vatican – has did the painting or other artists in the workshop is an immense matter of interest among art experts. But circumstances of the time of Michelangelo’s painting had magnified the possibility that indeed the Torment is Michelangelo’s first painting. It is also said that during the development of the said painting, the Michelangelo visited fish market "portray fish scales”. The researcher also mentiones that if Torment is indeed Michelangelo’s, then it will be a prized find by the Kimbell Art Museum in America. The researcher describes the over-all composition of the work, it’s visual elements and design principles as well as interpretation of the work and the aesthetics and the meaning of the work. The researcher then concluds that the painting itself is more than beautiful – it is meaningful even. All the elements complement well with the theme and the use of dramatic colors and striking lines made the painting simply meaningful.