Milly’s Moped Report

If there are any documents as printed or physical output, they are outputs of this process too.
Distribution or Logistics is another process found in the case. The distribution plans are used as inputs and the delivery schedule is used to plan deliveries to the whole sellers. As a result, the scheduled deliveries are matched with the completed orders and discrepancies are reported as an internal report.
Information given as input and received as output serves the information needs of management at various levels. The three types of information needs being met by the information are (i) Strategic level, (ii) Tactical level and (iii) Operational level.
Strategic level information is the information needed for strategic decisions. These decisions are made by top management and senior personnel of any organization. In the above processes, various types of information are to be used by the top management of Milly’s Mopeds. The capacity shortfalls, bottlenecks in assembly, expansion decisions and changes in core competencies are the major information areas which are strategic in nature for Milly’s top management.
Tactical level information is meant for middle level management for managing and allocating resources for the organization. In this case, the information and inputs and outputs like selection of distributors, selecting channels, making delivery schedules and making budgets are all tactical level information.
At the operational level, the very basics of operations are carried out. It involves the routine day-to-day activities that are carried out in the normal course of business. The information gathered from the inputs, outputs and reports of the business processes in this area are the feedback from operations, inventory and stock updates, operations reports and problem reports.
The information systems and information technology has taken a new role over the past few years. The concept of Strategic Information systems is present today which was never existent before. This has huge application of Information Technology. (O’Brien, James A., (2002). Trends In Information Systems. McGraw-Hill)
With the introduction to information technology, the information handling, storage and processing has become very efficient. Huge data repositories are now in place by almost all companies. Milly and Graham were also suggested and advised to use a database to solve their problems. Databases will provide them the data storage solutions. The interface and designing can be easily done to take data out from the database and use it for their needs.
2. Marketing in specialist literature
The business process of marketing in specialist literature is focused on carrying out the task of marketing the mopeds by the use of specialist literature. Special literature may include the literature targeted to various levels of customers.
The reason for selecting this process for detailed analysis was because it is a core process for Milly.