Mitigating the Toxic Leaders of Tailhook 91

The Tailhook Association was initiated in 1956 during a reunion event in Mexico where aviators from different fleets met. The membership grew rapidly to over sixteen thousand members in 1991. General membership incorporated active aviators, those retired as well as civilians. As indicated the Tailhook represents a political and social situation that incorporated active as well as retired Naval and Marine Corps aviators of different ranks and grades and from different departments of the Department of Defense. In real essence, the entire story is about the disturbing events within the 35th Annual symposium that was organized by Tailhook Association in 1991. The association is recognized for a number of activities one of which includes organizing annual symposium that brings together different members of the association. Most of the social activities took place on the squadron hospitality suites in Las Vegas Hilton. The events that took place during the symposium is what triggered the Tailhook investigations. The investigations were initiated following rampant accusations made by the females in attendance concerning the indecent behavior and assaults of junior officers as well as senior officers towards the female attendees. Several issues should be reviewed and followed by appropriate correction.
The toxic leaders in the Tailhook Association annual symposium ’91 were recognized as top ranking navy officials alongside other junior officers who were involved in sexually-related activities.